October 2007   




Artisan Class


1st Honley Village  Butchers – pork, chorizo, goats cheese & sweet chilli sauce 
2nd Keith Dyson – full English breakfast
3rd Honley Village Butchers – pork, chicken & stuffing
4th J. Thomas of Helmsley 
5th E. Middlemiss – pork, stuffing & Yorkshire chutney


Traditional Class


1st Hoffman’s of Wakefield 
2nd Wilson’s of Crossgates, Leeds 
3rd Broster’s of Lindley, Huddersfield.
4th Honley Village Butchers, Huddersfield.


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Pie Club Meetings 2007

Pies 5/10 /07



World Events



No election this year or next says Gordon Brown. Guests from the Midlands tell us that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of USA


gloucestershire Firemen disciplined for shining a torch on gay men in bushes at a “dogging” site.


Postal strike for 5 days .from Monday.


3 rd Inquest for Princess Diana this week.


Prince William girl friend gets fed up with Papparazzi.


Man arrested for man handling teanagers who were vandalising.


Ned Sherrin dies




England thrash Australia 12 to 10 at Rugby Union.


Gt North Run raised millions for Charity.


England cricket team beat Sri lanka


Lewis  Hamilton  won the Japanese GP. And in pole position for Chinese GP.


Marion Jones is stripped of Olympic medals for admitting steroid abuse.













Kevin – Not fresh, old pastry, bland, chewy meat, no jelly  6.5


Bob – Not fresh, sharp pastry, lack of jelly, tasty and a little bit of after burn.  7


Richard – Not fresh, soft pastry. Solid meat, peppery, enjoyed it  7.5


Peter – Looked nice, crisp pastry, greasy bottom, no jelly, could have had more pepper.                                                                    8


Mark -  Looked good, nice looker, nice meat, not a lot of jelly, mouth burned with pepper.                                                        8


Phil – Not good looking, enjoyed the pastry,                  6


John (fetcher)  Rough looking pie, not fresh, sweet taste to the pastry, compact meat, no jelly, afterburn with it.                        7


Average =      7.1   From    Gary Snowden’s of Keithley sold by Brighouse Market   

Pies 18 October 2007


World Events


Peter Mandleson Lord of Foy and Darlington? Well NE England anyway.



Brown smiling now with the “Churchill” factor.



China has closed 10,000 toy factors.


Barry George has he been stalking another journalist?


Ringo Starr has stopped signing autographs.


First steam train built in Britain in over 40 years.


Blue Peter is 50 this week.





Ron Hill is 70 and still runs every day


Tendulta of India scored more test runs than any body in history (over 11,500 test runs) 


Seve Balesteros has a brain tumor






Big, dry pastry, course meat, nice jelly,afterburn,not fresh, good 7.5




Heavy, full  pie, flavoursome meat. Enjoyed it.  8




Liked pastry, bit thick,  5.5




I think it was fresh,pastry thick dry and tastless. Tasty jelly and meat. Not much spice






Dull looking pie,very thick pastry, granular meat.  6.5




Heavy pie, not sure it was fresh. Dry,thick pastry, course meat. Pink meat. 7.5


Sharland’s of Paddock, Huddersfield   Price £1.08 Ave = 6


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