February 2007   




Artisan Class


1st Honley Village  Butchers – pork, chorizo, goats cheese & sweet chilli sauce 
2nd Keith Dyson – full English breakfast
3rd Honley Village Butchers – pork, chicken & stuffing
4th J. Thomas of Helmsley 
5th E. Middlemiss – pork, stuffing & Yorkshire chutney


Traditional Class


1st Hoffman’s of Wakefield 
2nd Wilson’s of Crossgates, Leeds 
3rd Broster’s of Lindley, Huddersfield.
4th Honley Village Butchers, Huddersfield.


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Pie Club Meetings 2007

3 Feb


World Event


Global warning meeting in Paris

Blair questioned again on cash for honours

Waiting list in Norway for Prison


Super Casino to be built in Manchester

Bird flu infects Bernard Mathews Boootiful turkeys in Norfolk




England beat Scotland at Rugby

England thrash Australia at Cricket




Richard – Good looking cold nice and peppery,tasty  7.5

Mark – Disagree with Richard, yesterday’s pie,tastly meat 7.5

Kevin- Crunchy pastry,firm meat, needed more spice.Liked it 7.5

Bob – Enjoyed it.A very nice pie overall 6.5

Phil – bland and no jelly 6.5


Fetcher Phil cost 90pf rom M Livesey of Lindley ( Andrew Jones pie)  Average  7.1



10 Feb


Bird flu in food chain

Nicola Smith,model who married a billionaire  octogenarian when she was 21  dies at 39. 3 men claim fatherhood of her baby. Snow comes to the country for a day this week. Birmingham terrorists charged.




England cricket team beat the Aussies (twice)




Bob –Pastry soft and cold.Big rat run between pastry and meat. 4

Bruce- Looked forward to a good pie and this was not it.Spongy soft but tasty  meat, 5

Phil – Not today’s and poor husbandry. Awful pastry but enjoyed meat. 5.5

John- not this weeks, stuck to teeth. Awful. 1.5

Kev – yesterday’s pie,soggy jelly,spicy  6,5


Fetcher Kevin. Source Sheards of Holmfirht 85p Average 4.5

17 Feb


World Events


More shooting in Inner Cities. £29 Million for smoking spies in public places


UK is 25 worst place to bring up children.


Viagra now over the counter




Olympic cost going up


England win tri nations





Fred    Non event of a pie 7.5


Mark   Fresh, nice granular meat, favour some  8


John    Fresh, lovely pastry crisp, lacked jelly,porky enjoyed it. 8.5


Kev  Crispy, crunchy, needed more jelly   7


Bob  Nightmare of a pie ,no jelly  4



Richard   Well glazed pastry crispy succulent and granular 8


Bruce    New fetch ? pastry crunchy    8


Phil   Succulent ,tasty meat lacked spice and well filled fresh good pastry   8


R Illingworth   from  ? 70p   average  6.5








24 February


World Events


Richard and Judy phone fiddle. Train crashes in Cumbria


Troops out of Iraq to Afganistan


Prince Harry to go to Iraq


Giant Sqid caught in Antarctic Ocean


London Congestion charge area increased




Audley Harrision knocked out in the 3 rd round of European Heavyweight championship

Amir Khan gets knockout in 55 secs.


Liverpool beat Barcelona 2 -1


Equal pay comes to Wimbledon


Murray wins second title in tennis


Ireland stuff England at Crome Park (rugby)


Phil- Uniform pie, fresh, well packed ,nice meat, pale, jelly, thick pastry, bland  5.5


John -  Thick dry pastry, coarse meat,gristl,jelly,strange taste  4


Kevin – Big heavy pie, granular, hard and chewy meat   7.5


Peter – Big dull lacked taste  5


Mark – Heavy well packed


Ave 5.9 Cost 65p


Oswestry butcher not recorded


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