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Pie Club Meetings 2009

Pie Meeting Saturday 31 January  2009

World Events

Barnsley Pub has the 1p pint with a spirit

Halifax station has a direct link to London 3 times a day

Woman gives birth to 8 children. She has 6 already!

British jobs for British workers say the Unions with strike action taken around the country. Gordon Brown said the same last year.

4 Lords are found to have their snouts firmly in the trough.


£200 million spent by football clubs in Jan 2009

Serenna Williams wins Australian Open Tennis.


Peter   Pale short tasteless pastry. Well filled with bland meat. Really not too good.

Score   4.0/10

Mark   Soft pastry, meat greasy and hammy. Spicy, bit of afterburn. Enjoying it.

Score   7.5/10

John   attractive pie, lovely short pastry, course meat, lacked spice but hammy, fresh.

Score   7.5/10

Kevin   Big,fresh,crispy, lots of jelly, hammy meat,  good allrounder of a pie.

Score   8.5/10

Bob   Man’s pie, big, fresh, well filled, plenty of jelly, salty.

Score   9.0/10


Fetcher   Bob

Fetch   Mrs Knights  of Marsden

Price   £1

Average   7.5