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Pie Club Meetings 2006

Pie Club  21 July 2006


World Events


Lebanon –more bombs from Israel.


Fuel prices set to rise again.


Hottest July ever, roads melting


Bush and Blair forget to switch of microphones as President swears


Pie Club goes to Ribbledale


Shoe fetishist  rapist caught after 20 years by DNA match




Tiger Woods Leads the Open


Biggest test score ever against India at Lords


The Pie





Fresh,crisp thin and nutty  pastry. Spicy,salty meat.Lots of jelly  9.5




Slightly warm, fresh,succulent jelly,salty meat, peppery   8.5




Crisp,crunchy pastry succulent meat,well seasoned 8.5




Good pie but too salty. Damaged lid 8.5


Source : Miohael Thewlis of Golgar  Ave 8>9