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Pie Club Meetings 2006

Pie Club 4 Nov. 2006


World Events


1st day of none fox hunting starts.


 In Halifax 2 fire engines are sent to all fires. One to fight the fire and one to protect the firemen from the public.


Huddersfield MP wants to ban bonfire night. Bad for the environment and unfair on catholics!


Abbey National prepared to lend 5 times salary for mortgages. A novel inheritance for your children perhaps ?


Andrew Jones is champion sausage maker.




English clubs do well in Europe. Gt. Britain beat Australia at Rugby League






Big ,well filled, tasty , not to much jelly. 7




First pie in 3 weeks, lovely meat, soft pastry let it down 6.5




Soggy pastry, pleasant jelly 6.5




A lot of meat in the pie. Nice jelly liked it 8.5




Fresh,plenty of nice meat 8


From Mrs Knights of Marsden 80p. Average  7.3




11 Nov 2006


World Events


Saddam Hussain sentenced to death


Israel kills more Arabs in Garza


Lesley Moleseed (of Rochdale) killer caught after 31 years. A man has already served 16 years for the murder and freed on appeal




Micah Richards of Man City youngest defender to be chosen for England



England lose to Argentina


Ireland beat South Africa


Wales win




England lose first game in friendly tour.




John      1


Compact, heavy,greasy,lardy,lacks salt, peppery.


Kevin 1


Greasy,brown, vegetarian pie – so little meat. Peppery.


Mark 1


Heavy,greasy. Must be a week old.


Bob 2








Chip pan pie, not fresh.2




Like a deep fried mars bar 2




No comment made 5

Source – Tesco 200 miles away. Cost 78p Average  1.8

18 /11/06


World Events


Leeds man released from Pakistan after 18 years in Prison for murder he did not do.


Cadburys not allowed to sponsor Coronation Street.


Gerard Ford oldest ex US President is 94


Leeds Bradford Airport for sale




Hungarian footballer Puskas dies


Desert Orchid dies at 27


England beat S.Africa at Rugby 23 -21




Mark : Crispy pastry,no jelly 5



Phil:  Biscuity pastry,coarse meat 6


John : Lacked taste,short pastry ,no salt 4


Kevin : Thick,tasteless,no jelly,bland,rustic,not fresh.6.5


Tim : Porky, not seasoned, average 5


Bob : Dry, lacked jelly, not bad 6


Richard : Fresh, biscuity,good husbandry,porky 7

( fetcher’s privilege used to the full here )


Froo G.Scott of York  - a new fetch cost 72p average mark 6.9