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Pie Club Meetings 2014

Pie Meeting Saturday 26th July 2014

World Events
Palestine and Israel announce 12 hour cease fire. Will it last any longer?
Malaysian Airliner shot down in Ukraine by Russian supported rebels. Putin under pressure and international sanctions applied.
Algerian aircraft crashed in Sahara desert.
Cabinet reshuffle, Gove goes and lots of ladies appointed and one has a split skirt!
Peaches Geldoff died from Heroin overdose and baby was with her dead body for 17 hours.
UK in a heat wave.London hotter than Madrid or Rome.
New radiotherapy course trialled which should reduce treatment time of breast cancer dramatically.
Commonwealth Games off to a good start. England topping the leader board.
Drogba rejoins Chelsea. 
Alistair Cooke under pressure to stand down as England Cricket Captain.
Real Madrid sign Colombian James Rodriguez, the Golden Boot winner of WC 2014.
Lindsey   Lots of jelly, nice and pink meat. Slightly lardy, nicely seasoned.
Score   6.5/10
Annette   Nice crisp top and slightly soggy bottom. Plently of jelly and not too firm. Nice firm meat but a little salty. Needed more pepper.
Score   7.5/10
Peter   Large handsome pie, crispy pastry, well filled, porky meat.
Score   8.0/10
Kevin   Good looking pie, crisp pastry, dry with no jelly ,salty, needed more pepper.
Score   7.5/10
Fetcher   Kevin
Fetch   Keelham Farm Shop Queensbury, Bradford.
Price   ??
Average   7.4