Five Tier Pork Pie Wedding Cake Print
Pie Club History

Simon, the pie man from Fladbury, may have just completed the world’s first five-tier pork pie as a unique variation on the traditional wedding cake.

Simon Taylor, owner of Fladbury Pies & Sausages, was commissioned to make the replica cake in the classic recipe of his famous pork pies for a wedding.

The award winning pie maker has made big pork pies before, and while other couples have had similar pork pie wedding cakes, this is possibly the world’s first five-tier example. He said: “We are famous for our pork pies. We have won awards for them and people come from miles to try them.

It’s just a bit of fun. We have made big pork pies but have never been asked to make a tiered pork pie before. It was made to the same recipe of our smaller pies, but still looked like a wedding cake.” The cake, or pie, worth £90, was made at the request of Russell Powell, from Peopleton, who married long time partner Belinda Jane Twine at the Civic Centre in Pershore on Saturday.