They’re pie-eyed! Print
Pie Club History

When one group of pub regulars go home pie eyed,  it is not the fault of drink.

For the past 12 months they have finished off their weekly keep fit sessions with an exercise in meat pie munching.

Pies have been brought in from as far afield as Todmorden, Littleborough, Halifax and Hud­dersfield but the team are now looking for new recipes to tickle their taste buds.

“It all started in a very light hearted way when someone brought a pie for a snack but now we take it all very seriously,” said member Mr Rod Mensah.

The men, who attend the Athena Health Club, Ripponden, on Satur­day afternoons now take it in turns to bring a batch of pies from their local butcher.

These are studied, sniffed, munched and given marks for quality at the tasting sessions in the Bridge Inn, Ripponden.

In 12 months the group have gone through meat pies from more than 40 different shops.

Top marks have gone to a butcher in Golcar, Huddersfield, while some of the worst pies have come from Todmorden.

“And the thing we have found is that the worst pies cost the most,” said Mr Mensah.

“Now we are struggling to find new types and there has even been talk about bringing them from London.”